Creating a Pedigree Database

I have started to build a pedigree database for my cats. I want to se result in health so for me it’s importent to follow my breeder lines.
I have some questions regarding Blocks and though Org Chart is it possible to have more relationships types than one? As it is now I can se the mothers lines and the father lines but not at the same time.

Is it also possible to embedd blocks into en website or share just the view from the block?
Hope someone could help med!

Welcome to the community, @Suzanne_Fors! :smiley:

I haven’t used the Org Chart block myself, but my understanding is that it’s not designed to accommodate multiple connections like you’d have with a pedigree chart. Some of the folks here have developed custom blocks, though, and I can see there being possible interest by others in a pedigree chart block.

There isn’t currently a way to only share a block’s output without also sharing the entire base connected to the block. I’m pretty sure that someone has requested block-only sharing somewhere along the line, so I suggest searching the community on that topic and showing your support by liking those posts.

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