Creating a record to a base from a different base

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem, like when a record is not Tx Ready before 24 hrs of release date, it should create a record in our data center base. But it is syncing from another base outside of that. Is there any automations that can work to sync the creation of record?

This is what it looks like:

I have tried to create an automation this way, but its not working.

When I ran a preview test, it says
“No records match this trigger’s configuration and the current search query. Add a test record or modify the trigger to successfully test.”

Hey @Mae_Infante!

I’m not 100% certain I understand what you’re trying to achieve; despite this, here’s something that I think might help.

I’m not exactly sure why the automation is giving you a failure, but I get a feeling it’s because of the Find Records action.

I was curious, so I recreated a tiny bit of your setup and was able to circumvent the need for a Find Records action by using a formula field to trigger the automation.

I think utilizing a formula field to trigger your automation in this base is preferable here.
Since the data from another base is triggering your automation, you don’t have much control over the data that does fire your automation.

Using a formula field here to trigger your automation gives you much more control over what happens without jumping between bases to handle different configurations.

If you want it, here’s the formula I used to trigger the automation. Here’s the base sharing link if you just wanna see how I did it.

        {Release Date},
        {Delivery TX Status}
            {Delivery TX Status} = "TX Not Ready",
                {Release Date},
            ) <= 24
        "On Track"

Hit me if something just doesn’t make sense or if I’m just completely missing something.

Do you have an actual record where the Release Date is in the next day? The two records you’re showing aren’t. If you don’t have a record that matches the conditions of your trigger then it has nothing to test with and will throw an error.