Creating a resume using Airtable

Before I waste money on a consultant to get something that I can’t put to use I figured I’d ask the airtable community to see if what I’m trying to do is even remotely possible.

I am wanting to create a freelancer database of software developers and want to have as much information as possible about their experience and capabilities in their resume style airtable profile so that I can present it to our clients.

Would it be possible to create a similar resume style profile as say this one here using airtable: toptal dot com/resume/alex-duggleby

If not, how close to it can we get?

Any tips or pointers of how to structure this?

You can certainly create a resume using the Pages block, but if you want something that will be viewed in real time like the Toptal website, you might have to look into a more custom solution using the API. Overall the data structure would probably be something like this:

  • User (with name, where they are from, personal info etc) with a series of other linked tables.
  • Linked tables for “Experience, Portfolio, etc” essentially any

Here is the VERY basic version of how the table might work

You’d need an upgraded account to create the block, but you might be able to get close to the Toptal site, but it certainly won’t be quite as crisp…

Thank you - this helps!

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No problem! Feel free to reach out if you are looking for more hands on help developing this tool

This may be viewed as unpopular, but it’s important to consider key requirements for success in your endeavour.

I would consider using Airtable as the datastore for this information, but the rendering layer should be something other than Airtable – like Coda or Stacker.

Thanks Bill! We are looking to build custom profiles and link to the data using api but stacker definetly looks great and might work well right out the gate

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