Creating a SUMIF checkboxes are checked formula field

Hello! In our table we have multiple checkbox fields that we would like to count/sum if they are checked (in a Total formula field). In our base, there are about five fields that can be checked to indicate that a participant received that credential (it is unchecked if they did not).

What’s the formula we can use to count/sum the checked boxes across these five fields for the Total field?

Create a Formula-type field with this formula:

LEN(CONCATENATE({Field 1},{Field 2},{Field 3},{Field 4},{Field 5}))/4

^ The formula is combining all the values of the fields into one long string. If a Checkbox-type field is checked, its value is true. So you want the length of the combined string divided by 4.

Or just use COUNTALL()

COUNTALL({Field 1},{Field 2},{Field 3},{Field 4},{Field 5})

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