Creating a summary/dashboard record

I want to have a simple dashboard record that can summarise information from one (or more) other tables. I want to count the records and total some fields. I have managed to make this work by including a field that I can use the rollup on, but this means in each new detail record I create, I have to link it to the summary record in the dashboard table.
Is there a way I can simply and automatically summarise data into may dashboard table which I want to have just the one summary record in?


Dashboard Table: 1 summary record
Columns: Total games played, Total time played, Total goals scored
Game Table: 1 record for every game
Columns: Date Played, Start Time, End Time, Time Played (date diff…), Goals Scored, Goals against, etc etc.

Are you on a Pro plan - if so you can get access to the Blocks features which are still in beta. This has pivot table, graph and other features which offer quite a lot of things you will find useful.

Otherwise you are probably on the right track - but don’t forget the option to summarise with grouped views.

Another thing you could consider is to use Zapier to fill in the linked fields for you automatically when the record is created.

Three comments:

  1. While you seem to be well on your way to achieving what you want, you might want to look at my Sales CMS Dashboard base in Airtable Universe. It may offer some ideas.
  2. Depending on what information you need linked to and from the dashboard table, you might be able to take advantage of Airtable’s automatic creation of linked records. For instance, in this reply I show how creation of such a linked record can be partially or completely automated. (The ‘partially’ solution involves clicking in a {Key} field, pressing Ctrl-C to copy the value, clicking in or Right-Arrowing to the linked records field, and pressing Ctrl-V to paste the value. Airtable responds by creating the applicable linked record with a minimum of fuss. The ‘completely’ solution uses Zapier to do essentially the same thing.)
  3. If your dashboard table is a single-record table, as many such summary tables are, you may be able to simplify the link process and give yourself a friendly mnemonic record of the link by following the outline I provide in this reply. In brief, I name the single linked record (that is, I set its primary field to) ‘:white_check_mark:’, the White Heavy Check Mark emoji. Linking to the record, then, is as simple as clicking on the plus sign in the linked record field, which drills through to the linked table, and then selecting the single record defined; afterwards, your base displays (in a Grid view, that is) a nice column of check marks, making it easy to see where any have been missed.
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Great ideas, thank you.
Nice dashboard btw… :grinning: