Creating an ad booking system


I am trying to use Airtable to consolidate all the ways we manage your ad inventory (we are a publisher of websites). Ideally, I would like a form where ad sales rep can enter all information when a campaign is booked, and see in a calendar view what’s available or not.
Once entered, the campaign would trigger deadlines (for client to give brief; for writers to create content; for client to give final approval, etc…) and notifications and reminders would be sent.
If you have experience with this kind of thing please respond here.


Hi Emmanuel,

I’d be happy to help you with this. Please email me at cxueyang[at]gmail[dot]com and we can scope out your booking system.



Hi Emmanuel,

Did you manage to get this system developed in the end ?



I ended up doing it myself. I more or less got what I needed. We’ll see overtime…

Thanks for your message


Thanks for the reply, Emmanuel. If you had any inclination to share out a template I’m looking to develop something similar myself.




Here you go:
Don’t hesitate to ask any question, not sure it will make sense for people who don’t know our processes…