Creating an blog interlinking database - is this possible in Airtable?

Here’s what I want to do (simplified for clarity). I have 5 blogs, and each one has 2 hyperlinks in it, that link out to the others. I want to be able to open one record, and see list of links to Outgoing Blogs, and then click on them, to see the record for those.

The info I want to capture for each record in my ‘Blog’ base and are my columns from left to right are:

Post URL (locked column), Post Title, Outgoing Links (set to link to another record in the same ‘Blog’ base, aka the Post URL column).

The URLs in Outgoing Links are identical to the URLs in Post URL column, but the problem is, when I import my data from a CSV, with multiple Outgoing Links separated by commas, Airtable dosen’t map them to the existing Post URLs that contain all the other meta-data. Instead, it creates new records with just the Outgoing Link url.

Does anyone know why this is happening? What am I doing wrong? And is what I want to do even possible in Airtable?

Happy to share a link to the base in question, but I’m not allowed to attach links to this comment for some reason?!?

Hi @immeasurablematt,

Please share a view link of your base and let me take a look.


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Thanks so much for the offer Mo, I just emailed you.

Still don’t know why I can’t attach links or images here, kind of a strange way to manage a forum.

Thanks @immeasurablematt.

The reason you cannot post a link or image is because you need to have the Basic Badge, which means you need to read more threads on the Forum first :slight_smile:

Ive replied to your email. The reason you cannot link the items is because you have unique URLs, they need to be identical.


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