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I’m a flower farmer and switching over to Airtable for my weekly availability list I send to florists. Attached is a screenshot of my sample availability list.!

availability list sample|690x285

I’m trying to brainstorm any way I could make a form where my customers could tell me how many stems of each item they want to order. So far the low-tech options I’ve come up with are they can copy/paste into an email and type their number of stems in that way or they can download as a csv file and add a column for stem count.

So many great features in Airtable that it seems like there might be a user-friendly way to create this. The form view, however is set up to populate new records whereas I want to use the information in my records to populate a form…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

If you use airtable for inventory management you could create a view of products that you have “on Hand” and then people could select the products they’re interested in. How many flowers do you offer and are they always sold in bundles of 1,6,12, 24 or how do you think about those sales?

If you have a set product listing you could make it a form and people select the number of stems for each of them as an open number field which you’d adjust on the form view.

And is this sounds like an interest from, not the actual order so there’s some options there.

Just some ideas! Happy to brainstorm.

Thanks for your thoughts! Because I actually grow the products and they’re a perishable item that fluxuates it’s a little different. I’m not managing inventory per se but rather using Airtable to relay my projected availability. People often order stems in bundles of 10, but it can vary. I’m not looking to have the list update inventory in real-time, I just want people to be able to tell me how many they’d like to order. So yeah I think it’s basically an interest form. I then create a Quickbooks invoice based on their request list.

I have a set master list of products but then each week the availability shifts around based on what’s in bloom. Right now I have it set up with one view that is my master list (including one column that lists the number of stems available), then another view that filters to only show the records that have stems available. I can’t figure out how I could set it up so people would select the number of stems they’d like - any suggestions would be great. As far as I can tell when I create a form view it creates fields that would create another product in the list. Thanks so much.

Did you have any other thoughts on this? See my description above

Hi @Maya_Kosok

If I understand correctly, you want your customers to choose from your existing inventory?

You can link the field in the form to your sheet where it shows the availability.

The challenge is that the inventory changes each week. Maybe a linked field is what I need. I’ll play around with that. The problem I’m encountering is that I have a master list of all my products and then I update the quantity available each week. If I put a linked field into a form it gives the customer the list of every product I grow (340 items) and I would only want them to choose from what I have available that week. I’d also need a way for them to specify how many stems they’d like to order of each specific crop. I may just create a static order form in an email because it’s proving to be pretty challenging to automate this part of the process. Seems like there should be a way to do it, but I haven’t been able to figure it out.

in this case you will need to link this to a table of available items. Linked fields will definitely help. Let me know how it goes

The tricky thing is that I have one table with all my products listed. Then I have a view within that table with a filter so that this view has only my available products included. I can’t find a way to do a linked field to just one view - instead it pulls from all the data in the table. Sorry if I’m being dense here!

Yes, it will get all the data, not only what is available.

If you want to show only what is available, i would suggest you add one more field with a simple IF statement. Something like IF({Status}=“Available”, {Product}, “-“) , then link this field to the form, so it will only show what is available.

If you want, send me a view link to my messages or email

Hi @Maya_Kosok, check out I think it’s the solution you are looking for.

Thanks, I’ll play around with that and see if it works for what I’m looking for.

Alright, let me know if you come across any issue or you need help.

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