Creating Forms and Reports Question


The Airtable project I am working on is “Case File” I want this to be an app I can use on a computer and on my phone.

The purpose of this app… I serve papers from the court on people. So I first need to enter the case which includes case number, attorney, plaintiff, the defendant, etc… I have made these form/table and cross-referenced them the way they need to be.

So far so good. Now

  1. I need to create a “form” for when I go out to actually attempt to serve the papers on a defendant.

This table/form will be tied to the case file by case number. I want it to show the cases that are “active”. It should be a table that shows the case number and defendant name. Once I click on a case that I want to work on I need to be able to add records for the service attempts, or the actual service. There may be several records of attempted service for each case.

Also when I attempted a service I will want to have a field button that will access my phone’s camera and attached that record to the case being worked on. It, of course, will have a date and time for each attempt.

Also from this form I want a way to see additional details that may be on the defendant record but not on the case file.

  1. I need to learn how to create a “report” The first one is simple. Once I enter a new case in the computer I want to print out a “work sheet” that basically has the case number, defendant name, and the some lines where i can write stuff down (in case I can’t do it on the app)… once done though I want this report to also show all the attempted services and if possible a place for me to sign on the app.

Hopefully once you teach me how to do this report I can figure out the rest on my own.

  1. When I try to create a form from say the case file, for some reason the “Defendant” field does not show up on the form.

  2. Once I get things ready to test, how to I publish/access the form on my smart phone?

  3. I was working with ZOHO and although the product was what I needed, I accidentally deleted a field in a form (not the dadatabase) and there was no way to recover it either by a backup or other method. Mistakes happen and there needs to be a way to restore an earlier version.

6.Can I attach files from google drive?

  1. If I decide to “market” this program to others “down the road” can I have “sub-accounts” or some way so I can license them a per month fee to use the app with there own data?

Bill Tucker