Creating Google doc from airtable form

Hello all,
I am trying to set up a system to track inventory. I have a request form that colleagues use to request inventory for use. Once I receive and complete the request I remove the inventory from the list, and mark the request as “done.” My goal is to have the request form not only make the line in airtable, but also create a google doc(or similar) with the entered information from the form. I would then have them sign the doc on a touchscreen device once they pick up the inventory. I am trying to do this in order to have signed records of the completed inventory requests. TIA

This requires a complex set of processes best driven with these components if you want a fully automated process.

  • G-Suite automation role account
  • Airtable API
  • Google Apps Script

But you may be able to do it with the Page Designer block as well.

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