Creating graphs and analysis from a large database

I own a small food business and have a large table with all my revenue and costs and general MI on currently on excel. I have exported it to csv and uploaded it to air table but cannot see tools to help me analyse and graph the data - can anyone help I am sure it must be there I just can’t see it

Welcome to the community, @Janet_Colclough! :smiley: All of Airtable’s reporting/graphing tools are implemented as blocks. If you don’t see the blocks panel on the right side of the UI, click the “Blocks” link in the upper-right corner to open it.

Also be aware that blocks are a Pro plan feature. If you’re still in the initial trial period for Airtable, you can experiment with blocks for a limited time. To keep using them after the initial trial expires, you’ll need to upgrade one of your workspaces to the Pro plan.

More about blocks can be found here:


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