Creating multiple select field from semicolon-separated text

Hi! I’m new to AirTable and I’m not very advanced with using functions, but I think I will need to use at least a few to do what I’m trying to do. I currently have a column of what are essentially tags for a given gene’s function, and I’d like to convert them to tags in Airtable by making them each options in a multiple-select field. Is there a way to easily use the semicolons in the text as separators/delimiters to automatically generate the selections and convert the entries as they are to multiple select smoothly?

Thanks in advance!

You could do this easily with commas as the separators but not semicolons. One method would be to import your data, then duplicate the {Gene ontology} field and convert the duplicated field to a Formula field and give it this formula: SUBSTITUTE({Gene ontology},"; ",","). This will convert the semicolons to commas. Then you can convert the same field to a Multiple Select Field.


Perfect, thanks so much!

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