Creating records based on a checkbox


I work in event management and am trying to keep track of our conference speakers. About half of our speakers need hotel rooms. I have a table that keeps track of speakers and the events they are attending. This table has a checkbox field that asks if they need lodging. I have a second linked table that keeps track of hotel reservations. What I want is for a hotel reservation record to be automatically generated when when the “lodging needed” box is checked on the first table. I’ve been told this is possible but I can’t find a formula for it.


I think you could do it with Zapier:

  1. Create a View filtering to see only the Checked records
  2. Create a Zap that triggers when a new Records enters that View
  3. Create a Record in the Lodging table, with the Speaker info if you want.


As far as I know, there isn’t a way to generate a new record in one table based on a field being checked in a different table — at least not entirely within Airtable. As @Elias_Gomez_Sainz notes, it can be done with the assistance of middleware.

However, for a way to fake this functionality, see this reply (and associated demo base) from an earlier post. In your case the [Timestamp] table would be your [Reservations] table, and you wouldn’t necessarily need any of the legerdemain with timestamps or created times, but you could appropriate the ‘linked-record-faux-checkbox-field’ trick for your own purposes. It isn’t necessarily elegant, but it gives you what you need at a minimal increase in effort: three mouseclicks instead of two.


Hi @W_Vann_Hall, I also am looking to generate a new record in one table based on a field being checked marked in a different table. Your reply was helpful, but I’m trying something a bit different and I’m curious about your thoughts.
I have 3 tables right now (Beverages, Snacks, Bars) and a total table. I want to send this base to my customer so they can checkmark which items they want to order. I used ‘linked-record-faux-checkbox-field’ trick and it worked for my beverage, but since I can only link to 1 table I’m not sure of the best way to have the total show quantities entered on all tables.

Any suggestions?


Can you post a link to the base? (Click ‘share’ button; select ‘Shared base link,’ followed by ‘Private read-only link,’ and copy the URL; make sure ‘Allow viewers to copy the data in this base’ is enabled.)


Here ya go