Creating recurring records


I’m trying to create recurring records, the logic is as follows:

I have a table with Field A and Field B
Field A is a date.
Field B is a calculated date one week from Field A’s date.

When a record’s Field A is older than NOW(), I want to create a new record with Field A being populated with the date from Field B.

Is there a way?

Please note I’m not trying to update records, I need to keep the previous records and just create new ones based on the above rules.

A Way to Handle Recurring Tasks?

Have you tried using zapier? sounds pretty simple.
Trigger: record enters view (view is defined as date>now)
Action: create record (in which date is original record date + 7d)


Hello Emilio_Lopez_Romo

Can you break down the instructions for exactly how to do that? I’m not familiar with Zapier or how to use triggers…




Here are step-by-step instructions to create the Zap @Emilio_Lopez_Romo described.

  1. Log into Zapier.
  2. Select Make a Zap.

Set a trigger

  1. Choose App: Airtable
  2. Choose trigger: New Record in view
  3. Connect account: Here you’ll need to provide your Airtable API key to allow Zapier to access your bases.
  4. Setup record: Specify the Base, Table, and View
  5. Pull in samples: Load a record from the base. (You’ll have to create a record that triggers the view.)

Create action

  1. Choose app: Airtable
  2. Select action: Create record
  3. Connect account: Select the Airtable account you set up in Step 5.
  4. Setup record: Specify the Base and Table
  5. Set DateA in the new record to be equal to DateB in the original.
  6. Test: Test the Zap. Check the base to confirm it worked.
  7. Name your Zap and turn it on.

That should do it! I tested on a scratch base and it works fine. (I configured the view to show records where {DateA} is equal to Today.)