Creating Report from a Transaction Table -- Possible?


I have a table containing transaction data for an investment business. The fields are Customer, Investment, Transaction Type, Date, Amount. For example “John Smith”; “IBM”, “Dividend”; “20-05-2018”;"$500.00".

Transaction types could be: Purchase, Sale, Dividend

Is it possible to create a table for each customer, listing all their investments, containing the columns: Purchases; Sales; Dividends? We want to see the aggregate of all purchases for IBM, all sales of IBM stock and all dividends received from IBM.

I can’t find a way to pull in Purchases, Sales and Dividends in 3 seperate columns.


@David_Drewienka I have a similar problem.
I want to create an investment overview with one sheet for “transactions” and one “stock account” that takes transaction data into account automatically (e.g. updates dividend performance, etc.)