Creating single and multi select options via the API

Hello all - I have recently noticed that in both cases below you are able to create single- and multi-select options in Airtable from inside the app. As far as I was aware this was not possible through the API. Is there some secret endpoint or workaround that I am not aware of?

  1. Jotform - If you connect jotform direct to airtable you are able to use the “other” option in both single and multi select field types and it automagically creates the option in Airtable???
  2. Integromat - With Integromat if you use the Airtable node, I accidentally discovered that you can create options in airtable automatically.

Hope someone know more :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @cor - i think if you set the typecast parameter to true I your API call it will auto create the new items

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Thanks @openside and congratulations on your community anniversary :cake:

You learn something every day!!