Creating Single Select Drop Down List

I have a simple question that I cannot solve. I am looking to convert some existing Excel Forms. I would like to create a dropdown list that has about 10 different options. I do not see a way to create the dropdown list other than having to add them all one by one. Any way to create this dropdown list with a simple paste of all the values. For Example I have a column Fruit - I would like to single select 10 different Fruits Apples, Pears etc ,. I already have my list built and have several different list to build. If I have to do them all one by one that would take hours.

If you have each of the ten options as rows in excel, just copy those 10 cells and paste them into a Single Select field. Airtable will ask you if you want to expand the selection (by creating 9 extra rows). Say yes, then you’ll see your Select field will update to have those options are now available. Delete the records when you’re done.

Or if all your options are comma separated values, paste them into a Single Line Text field or Multi Select field cell. Then convert that field into a Single Select.


That worked! Thank you very much

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