Creating Sumif in Airtable


I am attempting to perform a task in which I’d typically use a Sumif formula. I’m trying to “sum” the extended price “if” the sales rep column equals the reps name.

For example:
Extended Price Sales Rep
$400 Mike
$250 Justin
$150 Mike

Mike = $550
Justin = $250

Is there a formula / work around for this?


Hi @Chelsea_Boss1,

I see this is your first post, so welcome to the community!
In your case, I would have a table with the sales reps, and a table with the sales.
The sales rep for each sale would be a link to the sales reps table.
Inside the Sales reps table, you can then add a ‘Rollup’ field with a SUM(values) formula on the Price column of the Sales table.

See the link below to a text base where I did that: