Creating unique description for unique linked record


Hoping if anyone can give me a few pointers, I wanted to create a unique description to a record when linked with another record in another table. The field in the original table is allowed to link multiple records.

So… In Table1 it is a link record to Table2. When the user links a record in Table1 to one of the fields in Table2, I want them to populate some description thats unique to the Table1/Table2 connection. Asking the support I have been told this is not possible, but potentially I could script this somehow, but not sure how to do this?

Not looking for the specific script but if anyone can give me an idea as to how to do it, would be very helpful!


Yes, this is possible, but you would need to set this up as a many-to-many relationship, which would require 3 tables instead of 2 tables.

Your unique descriptions would take place in the 3rd table. Each record in the 3rd table would represent the unique intersection between precisely one record in table #1 + precisely one record in table #2.

Here is Airtable’s guide on many-to-many relationships:

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