Credit Card Authorization form with card validation and confirmation email

Not sure if this will be possible but figured this is the group to ask.

I’m attempting to automate delinquent account reminders for a dental lab. The auto email reminders will ideally have generic friendly text reminding offices of their past due balances along with our credit card authorization form and the invoice in question.

How are you processing cards? Storing credit card info in Airtable is not advised since data can be easily copied by any and all base collaborators.

I have systems that use Stripe to process credit cards, and use Airtable to send customers an email with a link to process their card via Stripe. Stripe then sends a webhook back to Airtable once the invoice has been paid and marks the “status” field appropriately. This way no credit card info is every stored in Airtable and the payment processing remains secure.

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Currently we are using a platform called labstar. Their payment portal is where we process payments and validate cards. Authorization forms are now being collected with Adobe Sign. The dental office receives our Authorization Form, they fill it out, save it, then send it back to us via email where one of our managers prints and files a hardcopy. All the digital copies are simply left in email folders.

So I’m thinking now that I should redo the google sheet master list of past due accounts in AT with auto reminders and an attached link to our Adobe sign CC auth form. Then I just need to figure out how to best automate a follow up email after we receive a completed CC auth form. I feel like there is going to be a certain amount of manual entry which my coworkers have assured me is ok.

You could have an Attachment field on your Customers table where you can store signed forms. If you have a “due date” field, you can trigger Airtable automations to send that customer an email when that date = today. If the link to the Adobe form is always the same this is easy. If the form changes then you may need to use a Formula field to alter the link to input the person’s unique ID; if that’s not an option, this step may not be easily automated.

You can also trigger an Automation to send a follow-up email when the Attachment field is modified, or you can have a field (perhaps a checkbox) where your staff can say “form signed” and trigger the automation off of that.

Thank you @Kamille_Parks. I like the modified record idea. It sounds like I could have one attachment field for the empty Adobe form and one attachment field for their completed form. Once the completed field is filled then we can trigger the follow up email.

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