CRM: Checkbox =1 Then Create a new row in another table

Hi everyone,

I’m building my CRM and I have two tables, one is the “Account” and the other “Register”.
The client fills the form that it’s linked to the “Register” table, the account manager, based on the information provided by the client approves or not the client turning the Checkbox to 1.
I want to create a new row for that client in the table “Account” when the account manager change the checkbox to 1.

Can you guys help me? Or maybe I am overcomplicating everything.

Thank you all!


Welcome to the community, @Luis_Ferreira! :smiley: Unfortunately this can’t be done directly within Airtable. You’ll need to enlist the help of an integration tool like Zapier or Integromat, which will look for the checkbox change and make the new client record.

On a side note, I suggest using a single-select field instead of a checkbox. A checkbox is easy to accidentally change with a careless click, while a single-select is a little more “stable”. The field could be named {Status}, and have options like “Review” and “Approved,” with the “Approved” option triggering Zapier or Integromat to make the new record.

Thank you @Justin_Barrett. I’ve been using Zapier and the side note was perfect!

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