CRM - How to upload attachments client side?

Hi all and thanks in advance!

I am well underway developing a custom CRM for the bases we have. The users of the CRM have to be able to upload files when they submit forms inside the CRM. It is in React for some context, no backend api, all requests are done client side. These are local files - they aren’t hosted and I need the url to the file for airtable.

I have tried with Google Drive api but as each user is logged in via their own google account authentication becomes very tricky and I don’t want to spend a lot of time on that issue should there be a simpler way.

For example, I add a link via google drive as the attachment but it just shows a “Google Sign In” page where you would expect the image to be.

I was considering integrating a Zapier automation but not sure a) how feasible this is and if it actually solves my problem, or b) if I am really in the weeds here and there isn’t a way to solve this problem easily.

Appreciate your help of course! Hopefully someone has had / solved a similar issue.

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