Cross-program integrations

Hello community-

I just began a complext project and I am rather new to AirTable and need some advice. I was wondering if there is a way to use Typeform or or Acuity Doodle for someone to mark their availability during the day and make that data usable in AirTable.

For example: I would have a Doodle Poll or other survey that allows people to put in the best time for them from a range (say one hour intervals from 9-5) and then I put that data in AirTable calendar to coordinate schedules.

Let me know if something like this is possible, thanks!

Hi @Carson_Schutter - you might want to investigate Zapier, which is commonly recommended on this forum as a way of integrating other apps with Airtable. Zapier supports both Typeform and Doodle (along with hundreds of other apps) and, of course, Airtable.