CSS Selector to extract 1 or more elements

Hi, I am not an expert with CSS so my title might be wrong too. Basically what I want to achieve is get 2 or more images in a link using css selector. For example, with the link below, I want to place 1 or more images on an attachment field.

Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated

Hello @J_Erik_Semilla !

The CSS selector default value for attachment fields can only pre-fill the web-clipper with one image per attachment field. So, you could first use the CSS selector default value to grab the main product image (for Amazon, it looks like the CSS selector would be #landingImage). Then, pull any additional images you’d like to clip by clicking the “+” button under your Attachments field in the chrome extension, then “Add image from page”, and click whatever additional image you’d like!

Let me know if this helps.