CSV Import Multiple Select Values


Trying to import via CSV file Multiple Select Values. I want to import Value1, Value2, Value3 as three separate multiple select items. If I separate the values in the cell of the CSV file with commas I get one item “Value1, Value2, Value3”.

is there some delimiter i need to use between seperate values?



Hi Shomrei_Emunah

Just to clarify. Do you want one field with different selections or three different fields with one selection?

Where is the data originating from: spreadsheet, another database app or Word document?

I have Imported a CSV file from another database app, with a field with selections, and once I have Imported the CSV file into Airtable, I just create a field with multiple selections and all my choices shows up.



thanks, one field with multiple selections as data.


Hi Shomrei_Emunah

What source is the CSV file created from?

I was asking the above question because if you were exporting/importing from another database, it should be easier to do.

I managed to find this information about deliminatirs on Wikipedia. If you continue to read the whole article, it will get into CSV files, too:

The other idea I had, was to place all your choices into one spreadsheet cell (a spreadsheet would be the best way to do a CSV Import) instead of each choice in a seperate cell and you can start with a few choices, to test the import, You could try with a space deliminator and create a test base, if that does not work, try the other deliminaters, continue until you find what does the trick. You don’t need to keep creating new bases, you can import in the same table. Or maybe you did this. If so, try to place the choices in seperate cells.

I am curious to know how this works, I may need to do it this way myself.

Hope it helps. If not, perhaps someone in the community might have some suggestions.



found my own workaround. have to import the field in to a temporary field formatted like this:

“value1”, “value2”, “value3”

Then once the import is complete, select the field and copy paste into the filed formatted for my multi-select list. then each value is separate.