Custom Airtable Block: Shippo API To Track UPS,FedEx and USPS Parcels On Airtable


I am looking to create a custom Airtable Block that can track a list of tracking numbers in a column and return all of the shipments status in other mapped columns (Location, Destination, Last event, arrival date etc)

I think the best way would be to create a custom block connected to the Shippo API, but I am open to suggestions. I am OK to host if needed.

Please let me know how you would do this, your best price, and when can this be completed by.

About Me:


I am Sal, a big Airtable x Zoho fan.

I am looking to develop a relationship with a developer to help me with automation set up in Airtable and Zoho — I often come up with ideas, and looking for someone to execute.

Hi @Sal_Suissa :wave: You might be able to adapt the Shipping Block - one of the custom block contest open source winners - to suit your use case. While this was built by a third party developer, it was using the Shippo API and you can follow his instructions on how to remix the block on the github page.

If you’re looking for a developer to build the block for you, another place to post or check out is the “Work Offered” section of the forum.

Wow thanks!!

Do you know of developers you can recommend? So tough to sort through - Feel free to reach out by PM


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