Custom Branding of Bases!


I would love to see the option to re-brand a base to show the logo of the client I am building the base for versus the airtable logo. I’m not talking about removing attribution or anything, just maybe making a fee based upgrade option or something - like a new price point for developers/businesses that build bases for other businesses? OR free is even better lol!


This would be very helpful for our organization as well. We are using airtable to create forms for churches and pastors to fill out. We would like to have our logo at the top of the airtable forms to show that the form we are sending them has been created by our organization. The ability to insert our logo at the top of forms would be much appreciated.


I +1, I need base icon that i made
hope this function can implement.


Many thanks for this suggestion! Custom branding would be very nice to have.


yes, like my circle avatar i can change my photo,
hope base icon can change like this.


i would like this too.