Custom date fields

Hello - I’m new to Airtable and having trouble configuring a custom date field. I would like to have a date field with MM-YYYY format (01-2021). This is for a large dataset and records do not have a full dd-mm-yyyy date available (only month and year). Is it possible to create a custom format for the date field type?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

You can’t create a custom format for the date field type, but you could just have them type MM-YYYY into into a normal text field. However, that would require them typing it perfectly every time.

So your best bet would probably be to have them type into a normal date field, and just have them type WHATEVER THEY WANT for the day number.

Then, you could create a formula field that ignores the day number and returns MM-YYYY format to you.

To create that formula, you would use the DATETIME_FORMAT function, which is explained in more detail on this page:

And then, your formatting options are listed on this page:

So, in your case, your formula would look like this:


Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick response and suggestion! Although that’s what I feared the response will be. I think for now we’ll go with text field and do some regular clean-up of the data to ensure consistent formatting. It would be great if Airtable could expand functionality to include additional date formats.

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