Custom Form Layout


I created my first form today and liking the tools, however i find the linear scrolling required to access a multi-field form a bit long winded…

Can i modify the layout and locate fields where i need to, to make the form more compact and intuitively laid out, and potentially all fields on a single screen/page?

I looked at a thread from 2020, and it mentioned JotForm using Zapier ?

Has there been any changes since then to Form layouts for Airtbale?

Thanks You, Simon.

JotForm is typically the way to go for more advanced form layouts. Nothing has really changed in that sense for Airtable’s native forms.

You don’t necessarily need to use Zapier (or Integromat) with JotForm because JotForm offers built-in integration with Airtable. But you could turn to those other tools for more advanced integration.

Thank you, Ill have a look at JotForm.

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