Custom Gallery View Cards Width

I wish I could set a custom width to the gallery view cards


That would be nice to have, and along with that - it would be great to allow fields to wrap within the specified (or default) card width. Here’s an example of how quickly one can run out of room to display text or images:

Note how much nicer this State Park base would look if the all the Activity icons could be shown on each card!


Our team really needs this. Does anyone have a solution?

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Need width customisation or # of cards per column (ideally even different values for page breakpoints) to be able to optimise the cards layout for the content shown and device used.

On top the possibility to hide cell titles would also save a lot of space as they are redundant in many cases.

If you are fine with a third-party option, our gallery extension allows you to set a custom width for the gallery cards.

Has anyone tried using this? I’m tryna customize making cards wider on mobile, and stop the title showing twice for music album track listing.