Custom keyboard shortcuts for quick actions: how to make?

Has anyone tried making custom keyboard shortcuts for Airtable? For example, to make an action like this: ‘apply a specific tag from single select field and move the focus to the next text field’.
I’m wondering what could be potential approaches to achieve this.

Airtable doesn’t natively give you this control, but you MIGHT have some luck by turning on the Accessibility features of your operating system, or by using a custom macro app like Keyboard Maestro.


I use TextExpander, though very rarely in Airtable itself because I seldom do similar sequences of actions/entries. Even though it does have a few features for certain UI operations, it’s geared more toward text replacement.

@ScottWorld Thanks for the tip about Keyboard Maestro! That definitely looks intriguing, mainly because of all the features it has beyond basic text replacement. I just might switch…

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You’re welcome, @Justin_Barrett! :slight_smile:

You might also enjoy exploring Typinator, which is very similar to TextExpander, but more advanced & cheaper & no monthly subscription.

I actually use these 3 time-saving keyboard tools on my Mac:

Keyboard Maestro

There is definitely some overlap between these tools, so all 3 are definitely not necessary.

And while we’re talking about Mac time-savers, I’m also a big fan of:

MailSuite Plug-Ins for Apple Mail
Default Folder


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