Custom number format


A useful feature for plain number entries would in my opinion be custom number formats.

For example I have entries like 0052 and the Number field type will delete the zeros.

Thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

PS fantastic product you have going here!


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass it onto the rest of the team. In the meantime, the single-line text field is probably your best bet to preserve your formatting.


Indeed, that’s what I’ve been using, since my use case doesn’t require more at this point :slight_smile:

And thanks for the quick response.


Hi just a suggestion try using this REPT(“0”, 4 - LEN("" & RecID))) & RecID where Recid is the numeric field you wish to format and the number 4 is the number of leading zeros you wish to have.


Great solution! I had to adapt mine to the autonumber and use the concat function to force it a text.



Please add number formatting to Autonumbers! I know there are workarounds for things like leading zeros, as demonstrated by @Chris_Mondeau, but these solutions will always require an extra field/column.

I can’t imagine this would be any different than the precision dropdown for Currency, Percentage, and Number Field Types to control minimum digit length of an autonumber (to achieve leading zeros).

In the same vain of leading zeros, it would be nice for Autonumbers to have prefix and suffix text (implemented just like the currency symbol box for the Currency Field Type). Yes, you can accomplish this with a separate formula field, but why force users to write formulas for something so simple?