Custom Record Input Screen

New to Airtable. I’m looking for a customizable record input screen and can’t seem to find one, so I guess this is a product suggestion. I’d like to be able to enter all fields in a record on one configurable screen, not have to scroll down an expanded record view or scroll across grid view. Basically a Page Designer for inputting records, not just displaying. When you are finished populating the fields and hit Enter, a new screen will pop up with fields blank ready for input. This is pretty standard stuff in DB programs, I am not seeing it here. Thanks!


I don’t know Airtable’s plans for creating such a view (which if made would probably come as improvements to Forms), but this would make for a good Custom App in the meantime.

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Totally what I was thinking. Doesn’t @openside have this on the drawing board?

Yes, coming soon… will report back when ready to showcase.


Sounds good! Thanks!

+1 Hoping I’ll get a notification when it is ready to look at.

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Thank you very much. It is really my only serious complaint with AirTable. Other than that I love it. Entering many records is a pain having to scroll down a list of fields or tab across a grid view. I’m hoping they will do multiple input screens (1 per view?), but even just 1 with all fields would be an improvement.
Thanks again!


Any idea when this may become available?

Hey @Jim_Graziano - good timing. It just went into review with Airtable over the weekend. There will likely be some back and forth on things they want us to change, but hopefully won’t take too long to get approved and into their marketplace.

We have started prepping our site to explain what it is and how it works. You can start reviewing it here:

and documentation: On2Air: Amplify | On2Air Support


Thanks very much! I’ll check it out!

Looking good! Is it likely to follow the same pricing schema as the rest of the offerings?

Is it likely that it will eventually have functionality like required fields, enforce unique, conditional field formatting (even the ability to fill the background of fields with different colors would help), or horizontal positioning of fields in one of the panes?

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Thanks @John_Fabrega .

Yes, pricing will be similar to other apps. We will be updating pricing page this week with details.

Those are all great feedback we will incorporate into our roadmap.

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Looks like a great app, but difficult to justify for me since I’m a single Pro user, only paying $20+/month. I assume it would add $49/month to my subscription. :frowning_face:

Is there a realistic (or worst case) ETA for Amplify yet?

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@Jim_Graziano - We have a starter plan that would work for single users at $9.99/mo

@John_Fabrega - its getting close. In final review phase with Airtable (I hope). Can’t give an exact date since its not up to me, but hopefully soon.

@John_Fabrega - here’s an intro video to hold you over till then :slight_smile:


This looks freaking awesome!! :smiley: :raised_hands:

The #1 missing feature from Airtable has now arrived!!

Awesome job, @openside!!

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Yes, much more doable! I’m assuming ‘starter plan’ doesn’t mean ‘trial’? That is the regular price going forward for a single user?

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That is correct @Jim_Graziano


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