Custom Record Input Screen

New to Airtable. I’m looking for a customizable record input screen and can’t seem to find one, so I guess this is a product suggestion. I’d like to be able to enter all fields in a record on one configurable screen, not have to scroll down an expanded record view or scroll across grid view. Basically a Page Designer for inputting records, not just displaying. When you are finished populating the fields and hit Enter, a new screen will pop up with fields blank ready for input. This is pretty standard stuff in DB programs, I am not seeing it here. Thanks!


I don’t know Airtable’s plans for creating such a view (which if made would probably come as improvements to Forms), but this would make for a good Custom App in the meantime.

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Totally what I was thinking. Doesn’t @openside have this on the drawing board?

Yes, coming soon… will report back when ready to showcase.


Sounds good! Thanks!