Customer submits form and the new data is attached to their record automatically

Hi guys,

I have two tables.
Table 1 is called Contacts (contains contact and deal information), Table 2 is called Questionnaire (contains a series of long text questions) and is linked to table 1.

I want to set it up so that when a contact completes my questionnaire through the link I provide them, the data they have provided in the questionnaire form will be automatically attributed to their record in the Contacts table.

I’m hoping that by doing this I will then be able to view the contact and from within the contact, open up their questionnaire responses.

I have considered having them in the same table however the contacts table already holds a large amount of fields.

Through my research of this issue I have found and followed a Airtable guide called “Use case: update records via a form”. From what I understand, this method uses a field in the Questionnaire form that is prefilled and labled “please do not change this portion of the form”.

Unfortunately I cannot use this method as it will allow my contacts to view a list of other contacts if they were to actually click the +add button.

I hope I’ve explained this okay. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I’e been on this for awhile now.

Welcome to the Airtable community!

I recorded this video for this common use case.

You prefill the form with the contacts record ID, then use this record ID in an automation to create the link. This system uses my Prefilled Forms app to generate the link that you can email to your contacts.

Thankyou so much, perfect!

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