Customize height or reposition gallery view thumbnail


I use mainly the gallery view for my bases for our actor database where we have their headshots. Most of the headshots photos are profile, not landscape, so in the gallery view, a lot of their faces get cut off in their photos.

It would be great if we could either customize the height of the gallery view thumbnail or re-position the photo in the thumbnail container.


I agree. I use gallery view for my movie collection, and the posters are ordinarily not well shown in the default square view.


I’d suggest a simple portrait/landscape checkbox. Agreed, our use-case is also casting; so portrait makes literal sense.


Great idea!

Hope it’s configurable (I’d like 3W X 5H and 3X4 within a single database).


Hey folks, we’ve added two image display options in your gallery and kanban views.

  • Crop, which fills the entire photo area by zooming and cropping the photo
  • Fit (a new option!), which zooms out to show the entire photo

You can change the cover photo settings from the customize cards menu in a kanban or gallery view.

(If your images aren’t zooming to fit correctly, re-upload the images and try again.)