Customize Week Format (while using a formula)


I currently am using a formula to calculate the weeks of the year (based my task beginning & end dates):


I am then grouping my table by week so I can track tasks according to the week we are currently operating in:

This works exactly how I would want it to. My only wish is that I could customize the week display output. For example - the screenshot above is of a 7 week project - so the weeks of the year are misleading. We are not currently in week 46 of the project - we are in week 4. So I would like the ability to customize the week number output (while maintaining the current formula and sorting functionality). Is this already possible or am I describing a feature request?


Hi @Alex_Haney

Simplistically, assuming you have a linked project table, you could get the Projects start week from using a lookup field and then subtract one from the other to give a Project Week. However, using dates formatted as week number doesn’t handle those going over a year end very well.

Alternatively, you could get to it by calculating the number of days from the start of the project to the task date - this seems to work:

INT((DATETIME_DIFF({Task Date}, {Start Date},‘d’)/7) + 1)

Hope this helps!