Cutting and pasting records is not working


I used to be able to cut a record from one table and move it to another table in the same base. No longer working in this latest update. Argh!


Hi, sorry to hear that’s not working!

Are you using web app, Mac app, or Windows app? If the Mac or Windows app, can you post which version you’re on? (To check: in the Mac app, go to Airtable > About Airtable in the top left menu, in the Windows app, go to Help > About Airtable).

Are you cutting and pasting in grid view by using keyboard shortcuts (Cmd+X, Cmd+V) or the Edit menu?


HI there

I have just tried to follow the set of instructions for cutting an pasting cells.

It does not work - I can select cells bo problem but when I hit CTRL-C nothing happens; the notification that the video claims will appear does not appear - so obviously CTRL-V does not work either. Can this be fixed please its a really annoying bug; I am now going to have to type in 20 records manually.



Airtable version (app,. mobile app, web app)? OS? Browser (if applicable)?

I ask, because the Airtable web app with Google Chrome (version 70.0.3538.77; 64-bit) on Windows 7 Home Premium currently works fine.

Does Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V work to copy-and-paste in other applications?