Daily Currency Rates Update (script automation)

Hi there,
first of all,
I’m glad to join Your community!

I’ve started exploring scripts yesterday and would be glad to catch some tips from the community :smiley:

I’ve copied the Currency Converter Script to my Workspace,
Adjusted it to my needs and synced it to my main Base.

And now I want it to Update Daily! :smiling_imp:

After some exploring I came up to a conclusion
that this automation could work when a Currency enters a new view.
therefore, i’ve created a new table with the desired Currencies needed to be up to date,
attached them to a Date field, added Today field with the formula Today(), and automated it to update whenever the Date is not today.

I’ve created a filtered view to show only today’s Date,
Launched an automation to run whenever a record enters this view
And added the Currency Converter Script.

And… Got an ERROR

Dear community,
Tell me please,
should I add this Task (Check for new rates) to my Daily routine,
Or this ERROR can be fixed?

Thanks in advance!

I did read the topic which says that Automation Scripts has simplified input/output method, however I did not find any info on how to make this work…