Daily Performance Reports and Forms

Hello, I would like to be able to view various locations daily performance reports.

Is it possible to have several different forms within one table and then create a view or report for each of the locations? I was thinking to create forms that can be completed for each location and then be able to view a report based on location or other criteria in the future.

Yes, but assuming that all of your locations are submitting the same types of data, you would just need to create ONE form, and let the users choose their location at the top of the form.

Your location field would be a single-select field on your table, and your users would just choose a location from the list of locations.

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The data for each location may be slightly different. Some information for each location will not be necessary for others.

Is it possible to create different forms for this reason within the same table?

If you have a suggestion that may meet this use case’s need, I am open to suggestions.

Thank you.

Absolutely… just create as many different forms as you’d like, each with different fields on it!

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Alternately, you could do what @ScottWorld originally suggested—have the user select their location—and then use Airtable’s relatively new conditional options in the form design to only show those fields relevant to each location.


Ooh, that’s a fantastic idea from @Justin_Barrett that I didn’t even think about!

@Aline_Vida: Note that this new “conditional” logic only applies to forms, and it only applies to showing/hiding fields. So, for example, you couldn’t conditionally narrow down the choices in a single-select field based on the selection in another field. But, even given these restrictions, it sounds like it would still fit all of your criteria for a unified all-in-one form!

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Thank you both for your time!

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