Daily summary from RescueTiime

I set up IFTTT algorithm so that daily summary from RescueTime should be saved to AirTable.

It records my daily total time, productive time, and distracting time as a separate column (‘duration’ field with ‘h:mm’ format in airtable) and one row per day.
My yesterday’s total time, productive time, and distracting time were 8 h 6 m, 3 h 4 m, and 2 h 44 m,
but the AirTable record for yesterday is weird.
They are respectively recorded as 1:26 (1h 26m = 86m which may be mis-understood from 8h 6m),
0:34 ( 34 m. mistaken from 3h 4m), 4:04 (4 h 4m = 244m mistaken from 2h 44m)

How can I correct this?

(RescueTime also sends daily summary to Telegram and MS OneNote and they show the duration correctly. So I believe it is not a problem caused by RescueTime or IFTTT.)

Does anybody have solution for this?

Duration fields are stored as minutes in Airtable, so you should send the data to Airtable as minutes instead of hours.

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