Dark/Night Mode

PLEASEEEEE. Using airtable early in the morning or late at night is just awful. The stylus theme linked above does not work well.

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Please make dark mode. I live in Airtable and my eyes hurt so badly.

+1 - I am surprised to find it’s not done yet. :slight_smile:

+10 for dark mode:) :night_with_stars:
This can be a huge help!! :pray:

Yes please. How about an update from the airtable team to indicate whether this is in the roadmap or not?

Those who are suggesting a Chrome plugin are ignoring the fact that we need this embedded on our sites for all of our users to see in dark mode, not just for ourselves.

This issue has been opened since 2018 and it’s been 2 years already. A simple yes or no would be great.

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Hi everyone, airtable team sending this days a survey for users,
Please vote for dark mode if you can.
To the survey ->


Thanks for the heads up! I expressed my request for desktop dark mode. Hopefully this feature will ship reasonably soon.


I recommend installing Dark Reader extension. It does an awesome job with the dark mode!
If you want to use this with Stylus, you can import this generated theme

This is very strange. So many people are asking for it, and it’s a simple request to implement. The top airtable vs clickup review on youtube says that both are equal, but go with clickup because of night mode. And that video has thousands of views.

This is a very important feature guys, especially for people with migraines. Especially in these times when more people are working at night than ever. Please implement this feature!


I even would pay $0.99 more for having dark mode. It’s getting harder and harder to stick with Airtable. It seems no one at Airtable is listening anymore to people who are already customer.

+1 for a dark theme. Many of our team members work during the night time, and staring at a bright, white screen isn’t the most ideal. Not only does dark theme provide a more asthetically pleasing experience, it also promotes better longevity of eyesight. The custom CSS suggested works for those using a browser, but on the desktop and mobile apps (which are more often used), we’re stuck with light theme.

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Our team begs for a dark theme. Many of our team members also work at night, as the very apt comment above says, looking at a bright white screen is not ideal. We fully agree that the dark theme not only provides a more aesthetically pleasing experience, but also promotes better eye longevity. please help us with that. Thank you.