Data corruption when using LEN and FIND with emoji's

Airtable is measuring emoji length differently under functions LEN and FIND.

In the screenshot, the two fx fields have the formula as the field name.
With LEN, Airtable is measuring the length of β€œ:stop_sign:23” as 3 [as if :stop_sign:=1].
With FIND, Airtable is saying the position of the β€œ3” is at position 4 [as if :stop_sign:=2].

Emojis have differing character lengths, but it should be consistent within Airtable.
When using LEN & FIND to extract data from an array, the results fail. In a large array, adjusting with a β€˜remove the emoji>then put it back’ strategy is a huge sloppy mess.
Any better ideas?

From a few days ago: Emojis counting double in string formulas counts? - #2 by kuovonne

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