Data disappears when sorting


I created a contact list and when I try to sort all the data disappears. There are no filters on and I’ve deleted and added this same list to a new base and still the problem persists. The other table on that same base seems to work fine.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Are you sure you’re not accidentally applying a filter rather than sorting?

Can you make a screen recording of it happening?


That almost sounds like someone asking if my computer is on. Yes I’ve verified that I am in fact sorting, not filtering. Here are screen shots from a video I took of it. I used both the sort from the column as well as sort in the menu.



I’m very sorry, @alicia_fleri, I did not mean to offend. It was just such a strange issue you described that I could not conceive of what else could be the cause of it. Seeing your screenshots, though, I think I have an idea.

You have over 1000 records in that table, and when you sort by “Organization A-Z”, it will always put records that have a blank field for “Organization” first in the list. It may be the case that you have a whole bunch of completely blank records that are being sorted to the top of the list when you sort by “Organization”. Try sorting by “Organization Z-A” - does anything show then?

You could also try Grouping by “Organization” and then collapsing the groups to see if the “blank” group has a significant amount of records in it.

If this does not turn out to be the issue, then you may be experiencing a very strange bug!


That was it. I had not noticed the # of records until you mentioned it above. After scanning down a few hundred rows yesterday I just assumed the data was missing. The import must have brought in the extra 900+ empty rows.

Thank you!


Glad it was something easily fixable - and again, sorry to have offended you! It was not intended.