Data entered into a form wiped before submitting

I have received a support request from one of my organisation’s users, copied below. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Do AirTable forms bug on some browsers, for example?

Other users have used the form and we have received the data.

Many thanks in advance,

"I have just spent 3 hours filling in the form (Make a Policy Development Request) to have all the information I entered wiped.

this is the 3rd time i have tried to present my proposal on this webpage to have all information wiped. this is highly frustrating."

That is not an Airtable thing — that is a function of her own device & her own browser. If she spent 3 hours filling out a form, that means that the browser window was open for 3 hours with unsaved changes, possibly while she was doing many other things on her device. All of this takes up memory (RAM). If she leaves a browser window open for long enough while doing other things, the device could run out of memory. In which case, the browser would refresh the window when she went back to it, because it couldn’t hold the information any longer. Refreshing the window would erase all the information that she had typed up so far. This is especially the case on devices with small amounts of memory, like tablets & phones. Airtable forms (along with many other forms on the Internet) don’t autosave while you’re typing. Forms should always be considered “unsaved documents” while you’re working on them.


Agree with what @ScottWorld mentioned. It’s just timing out for her.

I’m a grant writer (among many things) and I have to complete many grant proposals online through forms. I typically just copy the entire form with the questions, etc. into a plain text editor like Notepad or VSCode.

I then write the proposal in the plain text editor where I can save it as I go. Then, when I’m completely done, I go to the form and enter everything in. Takes 5 minutes then Submit! :grinning:

If you need a more advanced form solution to help, you could use JotForm combined with On2Air Forms that integrates with Airtable, so she can Save and Continue Later


Thanks both. I’ll make a note in the form’s introduction that it might time out and to copy in their work from another document.

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