Data input - User ID stamp

TimeStamp (“Last modified time”) function is very useful operation in many cases.

However, if AirTable base is shared to several (editor) users, there is need also for some kind of “User ID stamp”, i.e. an operation that automatically fills up certain field with authenticated user information, i.e “last modified user” (data input given) of certain field, for example check mark or “OK” status etc.

Please, let me know if that kind of operation is possible!

Welcome to the community, @ Pauli_Reuhkala! :smiley: This info can’t be seen in a field, but can be viewed when looking at the expanded view of any record. Hover your mouse over the primary field and you’ll see a diagonal pair of arrows in a colored circle.


Click on that, or press the Space bar with any field selected, and the expanded view will open, where you can see all activity for that record in the Activity column on the right.


I am here to second the request to add to the formula capabilities the view of which user interacted with a record. It allows for quicker review and reduces clicks, which is helpful for our team.