Data Pull/Rollup

I have a base and a table that tracks a list of classes by title, also showing date and assigned faculty. I need a list organized by faculty showing which classes they have each taught in the past. The assigned faculty is a linked record field that pulls faculty names from another table. This at least gives me a list organized by faculty. But, when showing the courses they teach, it shows every instance of a course taught, which may result in too many duplicates. For example, if John Smith teaches Class A 20 times in a year, Class B 5 times in a year and Class C 3 times in a year, I just need a list showing John Smith teaching 3 classes, not 28. How can I eliminate those 25 duplicates and just get a list of each unique course title taught be a faculty? So far, I have just exported to Excel and manually removed duplicates. But, this is a time consuming way to run a report regularly. Any help is very much appreciated!

Hi Jessica, from what I understand, this would be a solution: Class A - C should get a dedicated table and the assigned faculty is linked to that table. Individual classes are then linked to the table with Class A - C (and you could have a lookup to pull to, for instance, see the same faculty member also in that “individual class” table).

Does that help you?


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