Data validation


I’ve just started using Airtable, and straightaway I’m wondering if it’s possible to replicate the data validation function available in Excel.

Specifically, what I’d like to do is select from a Single Select list (the field would be called Category), and in the next column/field have a Subcategory, which would give me a Single Select list with a unique list based on the selection I made in the Category field.

For example, if my Category selection was Utilities, my Subcategory selection list would include Phone, Electricity and Gas. Alternatively, if my Category selection was Travel, my Subcategory selection list would include Fuel, Public transport and Flights.


Why doesn't the the form view validate data?
Cell must be filled

Hi @Adam_Reece,

Thanks for your message! Unfortunately Airtable does not yet have such a feature. I realize this could be very useful, and so I have passed your feedback on to the team.

As you may have noticed, you could create separate columns for each category. For instance, you could create a Utility column that provides the options that you listed. You could then create additional columns for other categories that each present relevant options.

Alternatively, you could create one multi-select column that includes all options for all categories. When making a selection users can search for an option by typing the option in to the field. It is therefore easy to locate an option in a long list.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!




I’d like to add a plus one for some sort of data validation feature. The main form of validation I’d like to see is the ability to ensure unique values in a column.


Another +1 here for data validation. In particular, I’d like to be able to write a formula that the data must adhere to.


Just thought I’d give this thread a bump. The work I’m doing in AirTable these days is more and more connected with Zapier. I’ve run into several times where I’d like to have Airtable throw an error or alert when a duplicate value is entered into a column where I’ve specified that I’d like to have uniques.


+1 for data validation. With just a little added functionality, Airtable forms could be a seriously useful feature. A few validation features that my organization would love to see:

  • Word/character minimums on text fields

  • The ability to make checkboxes required (for pro forma fields, like, “I attest that this information is correct”)

  • Comparing two fields to, e.g., make sure an email address has been entered correctly.

And why not have formulaic fields optionally show up on a form view in response to information entered? Then you could at least hack certain features. Like, displaying the output of a character minimum formula.

Anyway, just some thoughts, love this application!



+1 for data validation.

I’d like to validate a column based on RegEx to ensure a certain format of a string, and I’d also like to validate whole rows based on some fields being “required”


Validation becomes an important feature if you need to maintain the integrity of the data and prevent duplicates. At the very least, being able to flag at the time of data entry if the record being entered is already in the table is a must have feature.


I’d also like to see the ability to flag specific fields as REQUIRED. :smiley:


+1 for data validation, it is crucial for advanced form usage.


+10 We need to limit/forbid certain single-select options within a given field based on the state of another field. AKA, a way of preventing the status of a record from being updated to the next stage of a given workflow unless prerequisites are met.


Bump for validation. Not sure what the point is of having email and phone number fields if they accept any characters at all. They appear to be copies of he short text field with a different icon.


this is such a huge deficiency. no email or phone number field validation is probably the single biggest issue for us and why we can’t rely on airtable as a serious data management platform. its crippling for anyone that’s actually using the data to reach out to ppl via email or phone.


If I have fields in a table with specific types why doesn’t the form validate those types before submitting the data?

There seems little point in specifying a field type of email if someone can enter whatever they like into the form.

I realize that client-side form validation is non-trivial but there at least some native browser validations that could be implemented fairly easily.


this is such a huge deficiency. no email or phone number field validation is probably the single biggest issue for us and why we can’t rely on airtable as a serious data management platform. its crippling for anyone that’s actually using the data to reach out to ppl via email or phone.


I agree that some form of data validation is really necessary, especially for the email/phone number fields. Another use case I have for it is to ensure that people accurately put in the dates/times (eg, when filling in a timesheet, that they cannot say they ‘finished’ their shift before they started it).


@Adam_Reece I read your feature request and in my opinion it doesn’t fall into data validation (even though validation is much needed) but more as “cascading drop-down options” aka dependent drop-downs which should be also a nice feature.

Compare two fields and pull out matching content

I’m a little disappointed this hasn’t been addressed in any way since it was raised in 2015. Data validation isn’t really a “nice to have” in a database but a necessity. I understand there are lots of feature requests but this one seems critical. I too need it for traditional data validation but would love to see a cascading or nested drop-down function as we use data validation Excel and Sheets to build those. Can someone from AirTable respond here and let us know if this is even on your roadmap and if so where?


Another +1 for this. Absolutely necessary!


@Gustavo_Lopez, dependencies are totally a type of data validation. Only certain values are valid, but that list of valid values changes based on another field. It’s just a more advanced form of dynamic validation.

I’m +1 for needing these dependencies though. I just tried to make by first “base” and failed because my use cases all require one field’s allowed values being conditional based on another field. You’ll never be a competitor to Excel or Filemaker without validation. “Single select” just doesn’t cut it.