Data Visualization App


Hello there!

I work for a company that has been tracking and storing different data points on Airtable for the past few years. They wish for me to design a data visualization app that is both interactive and responsive. The basics of the app are to allow users on their website to select different types of search parameters and display specific results based on these parameters. This seems like a difficult task due to the fact that Airtable has no SQL capabilities and with all of their data kept on Airtable, I’m not sure how I would go about designing this web-based app. Any thoughts that could help me?

Note: It is crucially important that any information added to their Airtabale database will automatically be accessible through the data visualization app, without any additions being made to the back end of the applciation.


A whole heap of API calls?


Blocks is a good start. But when I want to manipulate data I use Microsoft’s PowerBI. There are a couple posts on here about connecting Power Queries to Airtable via the API.