Database Redesign

Hello, were looking for someone that can look over our database and see if there is a better way to link tables, lookup information, and get the most use out if. We feel like we have inconsistent linking and double entries on several things. It’s a CRM for a small business offering two different types of services, which are all conducted by appointment. We attached the setup as it is now, - disregard the 1-1. 1-m, lines etc. they are inaccurate, but the Tables are how they are currently setup.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

while it’s difficult to give in depth feedback without knowing the business, here are two overall ideas/tipps:

  1. Always make sure to lookup / rollup values when that data already exists in a linked table instead of creating the same values again (you can even display this already in the flow chart).
  2. In order to facilitate point 1, I like to structure flow charts with “core data” and “working data” and display these as such. Core data would be on the left (here tables like employees, clients, vendors, services [all things that don’t change often and get referenced by a lot of working data]) and working data on the right (appointments, invoices, notarial records, …).

Hope that helps!


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