Date and Text as possible outcome

Hey everyone,

Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find anything.
I am still a beginner.

My Problem is the following:

IF({Laufzeit (Monate)}= BLANK(),"", DATEADD(Vertragsbeginn,{Laufzeit (Monate)},“Month”))

It works, but the result it is no longer shown as a date. I guess because it could either be a date or a text, it doesn’t recognize it.
So what I want is to have an empty cell in case “Laufzeit (Monate)” ist empty and the calculated date as a date in case “Laufzeit (Monate)” is filled.
Could anyone help?

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Hi Carmen. All you need to do is to flip your logic in the IF.

IF({Laufzeit (Monate)}, DATEADD(Vertragsbeginn,{Laufzeit (Monate)},"Month"))

Give that a try!


It works! Thank you so much!

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